Lucknow Metro: Women the driving force

As the countdown for the inaugural run of North-South corridor Metro begins, the women workforce, which plays a major role in Lucknow Metro services from piloting trains to housekeeping, goes quietly and efficiently about its work.

Notably, 30% of trains are being operated and driven by women operators and 40% of all the station controllers/train operators are women, an accomplishment in itself. “The recruitment process at LMRC ensures that there is no gender bias ,” said LMRC MD Kumar Keshav, adding “There is fair distribution of work and equal responsibility is given to both men and women.”

For the safety of women commuters, both at the Metro stations and in the trains, LMRC has entrusted the responsibility of running day to day operations to women train operators, station controllers, private security personnel and housekeeping staff . They have been performing their duties sincerely by taking special care of the specially abled passengers, women, children and senior citizens.

Kumar Keshav said, “ LMRC also provides special transportation facility (office vehicle) to women employees when they have to work during odd hours. Every step is taken to ensure the safety of not only the women passengers but also the women employees of Lucknow Metro.”

“We envisage bringing the women employees at par with male counterparts by bridging the gap. LMRC believes in giving more opportunities to women in the organisation and motivates them as far as possible for their emancipation and empowerment.”

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