Couples at mass marriage in Uttar Pradesh get toilet seats as wedding gift

As a wedding gift, this one is truly novel, and useful from the word go. At least 18 couples in Prayagraj returned home from their marriage ceremony carrying toilet seats, gifted to them by the organisers of the mass wedding.

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachha Bharat’ mission, the organisers decided to give toilet seats to the couples instead of the usual crockery, suitcases, sewing machines etc, so that they start their new life in a healthy way.

Besides, the couples were also given a sapling and asked to plant it outside their house so that when it grows it does its bit to control air pollution.

The mass wedding programme was organised by the Jaiswal Samaj on Sunday. President of Jaiswal Samaj lawyer TN Jaiswal gifted the toilet seats and sapling to each couple.

Alok Jaiswal, the organiser of the mass marriage, said while members of the Jaiswal Samaj contributed a lot in the development of trade and commerce, they should also not lag behind in giving their contribution to the ‘Swachha Bharat” mission.

Earlier, the 18 grooms arrived on horses at the wedding venue where all arrangements were made by the organisers. The Jaiswal Samaj will soon organise another mass marriage where couples will be given a pledge for environment protection, T N Jaiswal said.

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